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Welcome to the "Reviews" section at Titans Education. Here, you'll discover heartfelt testimonials from our students and parents, showcasing our unwavering commitment to their success. At Titans Education, our students' dreams are our top priority, and this section is a testament to the care and support we provide to every student who joins our family. Explore these stories and see how Titans Education is helping shape brighter futures.

Testimonials from students

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Ashna Aziz
Cornell University (Ivy League) | Sunbeams School

My mentor, Navid bhaiya, played a crucial role in achieving my dream of getting into Cornell! His feedback and knowledge regarding my essays helped me perfect them. Not only were the classes every weekend very insightful, but I also learned how to perfect my application.

Anan Afrida

Anan Afrida
Wesleyan University

A mentor guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors.” My mentor Raosaam vaiya helped me in the best possible ways, from walking through SAT passages to polishing up essays to hitting the application submit button. It is not a mere nine-month course. It is a lifelong experience because the skills gained remain with you forever. Thanks to Raosaam vaiya and Titans!


Tanvir Thamid
Bates College | Dhaka College

When I joined Titans, I was oblivious to the nature of competitiveness that was awaiting me. I thought US Application was easy - write an essay reflecting my super cool vocabulary (read ostentatious word-smart -2 vocab), get a high SAT score and boom, universities will be in line to give me a full scholarship. Don't blame me. The only exposure I had to college applications was Netflix, and those people got into Yale by writing about their heartbreaks. I think I wrote 9 story version for my essay. All of which Alif bhaia, my mentor, read and said, "Eh, not doing the job." He would give me strict outlines to write again. Then finally when we settled on one, bhaia would regularly consult with me as to how can I better project my virtues and extracurricular activities into it. Thus when I contrast my first draft with the latest, I feel immensely proud of how much improvement I made over the phase. Alif bhaia helped me like an older brother. He helped me out whenever I reached out to him. Even when I was in agony from college rejection, he would literally counsel me and encourage me to not give up. I had two gap years and lower than 5K EFC. Going to Bates was my dream. The dream met reality with the assistance of Titans who connected me with one of the best college mentors, Alif bhaia. I am immensely grateful to the Titans team.


Sakib Hussein
Gaucher College

Navigating the college application process and preparing for the Bangladesh admission test at the same time was tough. But thanks to Titan Weekly Classes and the amazing guidance of my mentor, Raossam Baiya (who I believe is the best), I had the support I needed. Even though I came from a village where studying abroad was unheard of, Titan helped me with my college applications and encouraged me to be more active and creative. I believe I wouldn't be at Goucher College today without Raossam Bhaiya's amazing guidance and Titan's support.


Arijit Chakma
Drexel University | St. Joseph School

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my mentor, Navid Bhaiya, whose unwavering support and guidance transformed my dream of studying in the US into a reality. His personalized approach and deep understanding of my personal and academic backgrounds, interest and career interest helped me to navigate the challenging path to US admission. Throughout the whole admission process, he meticulously assisted me in writing my essays, resume and recommendations. His expertise in the admission process helped me find universities and programs that perfectly aligned with my goals. Additionally, Navid Bhaiya imparted crucial life skills such as networking and effective communication which I know will benefit me throughout my lifetime. With Navid Bhaiya and Titans Education’s expert guidance, I successfully gained admission to a US institute, securing a substantial scholarship and financial aid package that has truly transformed my educational journey.

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