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Discover Excellence: Our instructors are handpicked from leading universities across the USA and North America. We employ a stringent selection process, considering academic qualifications, teaching experience, and a passion for education. Rest assured, when you choose us, you're choosing top-tier instructors dedicated to your success.

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Srijon Sheikh

Stanford University

Srijon Sheikh, a co-founder and instructor at Titans Education, is more than just an engineering prodigy. Hailing from Stanford University, he shines equally bright as a passionate educator. With a remarkable knack for upscaling extracurricular activities, Srijon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching. Over the last three years, he has dedicated himself to enriching the lives of students through engaging and innovative educational methods.

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Navid Haider

Washington & Lee University

Navid Haider is a co-founder and instructor at Titans Education. His journey from an NCTB background to mastering admissions is a testament to his expertise. As an expert mentor, he's transformed students' dreams into reality, securing admissions at Princeton,Cornell,MIT,Brown,UCLA, attaining the elusive ILOT and so on.

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Raosaam SB Sharaheel

Davidson College

Raosaam SB Sharaheel from Davidson College,brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our mentorship program, having dedicated four years to mentoring students and honing his spectacular standardized test-taking skills.With a flawless performance in the SAT Math section, Raosaam has demonstrated his ability to dissect and simplify even the most intricate problems, making them approachable and manageable for his students. 

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Akifuzzaman Labib

University of British Columbia

Akifuzzaman Labib, currently in his junior year at the University of British Columbia. From his roots in the NCTB curriculum to the hallowed halls of one of Canada's finest business schools, Akifuzzaman's journey has been nothing short of inspiring.Akifuzzaman is here to share his remarkable journey and expertise, focusing on Canadian university applications.

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